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Welcome to Mike's Programs website!
Here you can find some small programs & games too, all made with Visual Basic! (with the exception of the MP!L scripts, but some of them, may contain some DLLs made with VB)
Please take your time and browse the website.

Thank you, and have fun! :)

Note: You need the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime files to use these programs!



Here are the programs that I have made. Some of them are useless, some of the are funny and some of them could be useful to someone....


Chat Bar is a chat program, as you have probably guessed.
However, it has got something that a chat program hasn't got: A "bar".
Well, the "bar" is still under construction, as you can only walk in the bar, and nothing else...

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It's a media player!
It can play many media formats like mp3, wav, mid, midi, avi, mpeg etc...
It also has a speed control, so you can make your songs play faster or slower.
However, the playlist doesn't currently work...

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You give the year, the month, and the day, and this program will find out the diffrence between the date you specify!

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This is a little program that I made because I was bored...
It is really useless.
It displays you a window, and asks you to close it.
When you close it, you will get a prompt if you really want to close the program.
When you say yes, it will say if you really really want to close the program.
Eventually, it will fill the screen with if you really really really really really really want to close the program.
To close the program, just double click on it.

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This is a little program that I made because our car MP3 player doesn't load M3U Playlists...
So, what does this program do?
You load an M3U Playlist.
Now, there are two options: Copy files found in the playlist into a new directory and rename the actual files.
When you select "Copy", the files found in the playlist you laoded will be copied to a directory you specify with the name "[01] Song1.mp3", "[02] Song2.mp3", "[03] Song3.mp3" etc, so you have a copy of the files in your playlist named alphabetly, ready to be burned in a CD for use in a CD MP3 player, which doesn't support loading of M3U Playlists, keeping the original song position, as found in the playlist.
When you select "Rename actual files" you rename the actual files found in the playlist with the name like you see above ("[01] Song1.mp3" etc)
There is also another option that allows you to create a new M3U playlist from the copied/renamed files.

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Here are the games that I have made.
Have fun playing them!


I think that this is my best game...
It is a maze game!
It also has an editor included, so you can make your own mazes!

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You are a cat, and you have to catch the eggs that fall...
Can you catch them all?

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This is a small soccer game.
The AI is not so good, just like the collission detection...

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Messenger Plus! Live Scripts

Some scripts by me, made for Messenger Plus! Live.


Displays a window when someone sends you a message wich has the message the user sent you, so if it is a non-important message, or if you are chatting with someone and you are typing a message, and someone else sends you a message, and if you don't want to change window to see what that user typed, you can use this script to see what the other user typed, without changing windows.

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Ubiquity Commands

Some commands by me, made for Ubiquity.


The purpose of this command is to quickly save the inputted text (can be selected text or your own text) to a file on your disk without having to launch a text editor.

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Well, that's all!
Hope you enjoyed the site, and the programs!
Thanks for visiting.

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